Organic vs sustainable agriculture essay

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It is important to encourage high nutrient levels and biodiversity as these two factors contribute significantly to the health of the crops and the landscape.

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This method is so efficient compared to conventional agriculture because it requires no input of synthetic chemicals or fertilizers, which accounts for a large amount of the greenhouse gas emissions.

Creek in Manilla, Philippines, March 01 Biodegradation, the breaking down of organic substances by natural means, happens all the time in nature.

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Food production is fundamental to our existence, yet we are using up the world's supply of phosphorus, a critical ingredient in growing food.

Today, phosphorus is mostly obtained from mined rock phosphate and is often combined in mineral fertilizers with sulphuric acid, nitrogen, and potassium. Organic vs. Sustainable Agriculture Essay - Organic vs. Sustainable Agriculture Agriculture, to many is just an industry of farmers and cows.

Most people can’t even come close to fathom just how essential the continuance of agriculture is to not just our well being, but our very lives. In a comparison of sustainable and conventional agriculture, organic farming methods are shown to perform much better for a number of indicators.

Sustainable agriculture consumes less water and energy, enhances soil composition, and forgoes synthetic chemical input.

Organic vs sustainable agriculture essay
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