Education system in pakistan essay in urdu

Providing economic incentives to the students may encourage the parents to send their children to school and may help in reducing the dropout ratio. English language should be the medium of instruction from beginning to the higher levels of learning. Moreover, more than 6 million children are out of school.

Lesser emphasis on technical education means the lesser manpower for industry and hence the lesser finance generation.

Currently, the poor are deprived of education in the elite institutions which are causing the development of a special class. RaoChairman of the Indian Prime Minister's Scientific Advisory Council made a presentation to the Indian Prime Minister at the rapid progress made by Pakistan in the higher education sector under the leadership of Prof.

The intent was also to provide the education at the doorstep to the children especially the female students. Another type of education in Pakistan is called "Technical Education" and combines technical and vocational education.

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These people generally occupy the low standard and low paid jobs of clerks, salesmen, factory workers and etc.

Students who learn in private schools are more knowledgeable than students of Government Schools. Children are basically educated with religious teachings and have no knowledge or education about worldly subjects. Regional disparity is another problem.

We are only increasing the burden of the books for our children and just enrolling them in a reputed, big school for what, just for social status??.

Monday, 14 January Short essay on the Educational System of Pakistan The educational system of Pakistan has been a topic of debate in the country since independence.

Our government has not clear vision and mission about the providence of education as well as have no plans to achieve their desire goals.

MPhil and PhD education in Pakistan requires a minimum of two years of study. The secondary education system in which there are private and government schools is criticized for not providing quality education as their teachers have lesser qualifications and are not able to equip the students with the knowledge required to compete in the job market.

Nonformal and informal education[ edit ] Out of the formal system, the public sectors runs numerous schools and training centres, most being vocational-oriented. On the other hand in our madrassas we are preparing people who finds very difficult to adjust in the modern society.

And takes the appropriate and right decision but uneducated person fails to do so. Other education in Pakistan issues and problems include unequal standards of education in the public and private section institutions, lack of technical education, regional disparity, unequal educational opportunities for male and female students, and so on.

Pakistan is one of the biggest countries in the world and its education system is also vast. There are more the two lac institutes are present in this country but most of the institutes have not good teachers.

The education system in Pakistan Computer and Physics) as well as compulsory subjects (such as Mathematics, English, Urdu, Islamic studies and Pakistan Studies).

Another type of education in Pakistan is called "Technical Education" and combines technical and vocational education. The education system of Pakistan is one is the least-developed in the world.

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Untilthe educational system was based on the British colonial educational system. In Nov 09,  · Pakistan inherited the system of education from British but after that no significant changes has been brought in education system of Pakistan. Consequently, the literacy rate have become less than the regional countries which got independence abreast of Pakistan.

Important Essay General Election in Pakistan Terrorism Pakistan & the modern World Corruption Education System in Pakistan Uses of Computer Advantages And Disadvantage of Internet DEMOCRACY IN PAKISTAN "Democracy is the government of the people, for the people and by the people." (Abraham Lincoln) Representative democracy involves the.

Education system in pakistan essay in urdu
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